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Degrees and credentials are important, but the development of soft skills – skills that are more social than technical – are a crucial part of fostering efficiency in everyday life no matter what role we play and are always in high demand. Soft skills include communication skills, research skills, interpersonal skills, adaptability, project management skills, problem solving skills, strong work ethic, process improvement skills, emotional intelligence, teamwork and collaboration, critical observation, conflict resolution and much more. We cannot all be good at all this but we can acquire the skills we need to suit our roles in life. Literacy has little to do with soft skills and some of the best experts in soft skills are high school educated home makers.!

Soft Skills training – as one/two day workshops or 2 hour sessions

  • Interview skills, Body language, Communication skills, Selling skills, Conflict to Collaboration, Emotional Intelligence, Negotiation skills, People skills, Team building and motivation, Leadership, High performance facilitating, Goal setting, Balance between IQ,EQ,SQ = Social quotient.


  • All the above under Brain Potential Enhancement, Soft Skills, Corporate Training, Image consulting involve a preliminary meeting or communication, discussion and needs evaluation, proposal submission and acceptance, financial aspects, and program finalization. This ideally requires at least 3-4 weeks prior notice.
    Pro bono lectures and 2 hour mini workshops can be negotiated for NGO s and Social organizations. 

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