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What do we offer? 

We offer identification, diagnose and treatment for a wide range of disorders of the nervous system. We are specialized in managing epilepsies of different types and severities, especially the difficult to treat epilepsies. We shortlist patients who can benefit from epilepsy surgery or by a change in multidrug protocols.

With extensive experience in integrative medicine strategies, we emphasize the importance of self-healing and responsibility, for an improved outcome and enhanced quality of life despite limitations.

Who can benefit from these services?

  • Anyone with a suspected or diagnosed the neurological or neurosurgical problem
  • Anyone who has suffered seizures for the first time or several times wanting clear guidance and solution to their problem with an exact prognosis
  • Anyone with chronic seizure disorder with difficult to treat Epilepsy seeking better seizure control through medical or surgical treatment
  • Anyone who requires guidance on how to deal with the physical, cognitive and other limitations following a neurological illness

How am I uniquely qualified to provide these services?

  • In-depth knowledge about the brain and its working. Been a Neurologist since 1978 and a neurosurgeon as well since 1990.
  • Helped thousands of people with neurological illness not only to overcome their illness but to have maximum quality of life through holistic neuro-rehabilitation and to emphasize personal responsibility for self-healing
  • Transformed lives of hundreds of patients with Epilepsy to live “A full life, with everyone, like everyone despite epilepsy.”
  • Experience in treating over 100 patients with epilepsy surgery with an excellent outcome of seizure control

Looking for a neuro specialist doctor in Chennai. ?

Dr Prithika Chary is a qualified Neurophysician since 1978 and has vast experience in treating various neurological disorders successfully. She is among the top best neuro specialists in Chennai. She subspecializes in Epilepsy and has undergone additional specialized training in this field and is also an Epileptologist. She is one of the senior female neuro physicians and neurosurgeons in Chennai and has vast experience treating Epilepsy, Migraine, Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord disorders, etc.

She is additionally qualified in Neurosurgery in 1990 and was among the early women neurosurgeons in India. She also completed a PhD in Speech disorders in 1981.

She is conveniently located nearby in a very central easily accessible location in Mylapore at Kauvery hospital in TTK Road.

Her particular expertise is in brain disorders like Dementia, Parkinsonism, Epilepsy, Stroke, Cognitive and Behavioural Neurology.

Neurology is the treatment of neurological disorders with drugs and other non-surgical methods. It is the treatment of the disorders of the brain, spinal cord and nerves.

Treating brain disorders like stroke, Epilepsy, parkinsonism, dementia, multiple sclerosis, infections of the brain, developmental brain disorders, brain damage after reduction in oxygen or other metabolites to the brain, e.g. after cardiac arrest, brain tumours, Head injury, Migraine.

Spinal disorders treatment, including spinal injury, spinal cord tumours, multiple sclerosis, motor neuron disease, etc.

Treating of Disorders of the nerves includes neuropathy of various causes, infections causing neuropathy, etc.

Many neurological disorders are associated with disability, which is often difficult to treat, and we still do not know enough about 10-20% of conditions to treat them. It is therefore essential to consult a specialist called a Neurologist or Neurophysician for these symptoms.

Dr Prithika Chary is additionally qualified as a neurosurgeon and is a female doctor practising both neurology and neurosurgery, since 1990. She is a sought after female specialist neurosurgeon for treatment of refractory seizures with surgery for Epilepsy. Temporal lobectomy, lesionectomy and hemispherectomy are all performed and with an excellent outcome in several patients.

She has the unique distinction of being the only lady in India to be qualified as both a Neurophysician and Neurosurgeon making her a specialist female neurosurgeon. Her particular interest is in epilepsy surgery. She was responsible for starting the epilepsy surgery program in 1998 in Apollo Hospital and successfully treated over 300 patients with difficulty treating Epilepsy with drugs and epilepsy surgery.

Neurosurgery is the treatment of neurological disorders by surgery. The bulk of a neurosurgeons practice will include brain tumours, head injuries and operable developmental disorders.

Neurorehabilitation is the practice of improving function after a neurological disease or disorder. Given below are some ways to help neurorehabilitation. Dr Prithika Chary has been using these tools to improve outcome and reduce disability in her patients since 2005.

1. Mentamove For Recovery From Paralysis

2. Botox For Spasticity

3. ADLNeurotech

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First & Only Lady Neurophysician Cum Neuro Surgeon In India

Dr. Prithika Chary
MBBS,MD,DM (Neuro), Ph.D (Neuro),MCh (Neurosurgery),MNAMS (Neurology)
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