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An image consultant helps their client alter, change, or restore their image. Another word for image is self presentation. One’s image is a resource, a tool that can help one to achieve one’s goals. Elements of image are visual such as dress, grooming and nonverbal as body language, and etiquette. Verbal elements like communication and also soft skills form the complete image. Image management is a life skill as it is the impact of one’s image on ourselves and others as we go through life. Image consultants give advice on your appearance and how to dress and groom yourself highlighting your good aspects, camouflaging your bad aspects and being appropriate, authentic and attractive displaying your unique personal style. They also teach ways to improve your communication and soft skills and etiquette.Overall their goal is to make you or, your organization look more appealing to the public to excel in your expertise. Body image is part of self image and a good outer image can influence the inner image and vice versa.

Why hire an image consultant?

Appearance is important in any kind of work. Companies want people who can make their business look good by looking neat, organized and professional, so they may hire one to make their business look good to the public. Anyone may hire a consultant to help them gain success and popularity in their social environment. Some people don’t really know what looks good on them. An image consultant can advise based on detailed face, body, color evaluations what is suitable. Others look to image consultants to help them with their communication skills (for those who can’t talk in front of a crowd).

The way you look and carry yourself affects the way you think, feel, act, behave and the way others react and respond to you.

Image consulting – one on one consultations, group sessions for 10-30 participants, two hour sessions, one/two day workshops, retainer services over a longer period, etc are possible Imagescope, Look the part, Style your shape, shape your style, Wear your colour, Discover your individuality through personal style, Wardrobe evaluation and Clustering, Dining etiquette, Personal shopping services, Makeup, face shape evaluation and personal grooming, Personalized makeup shopping, One on one comprehensive package, one on one brief consulting package.
Several workshops from public speaking to negotiations etc are also possible.


All the above under Brain Potential Enhancement, Soft Skills, Corporate Training, Image consulting involve a preliminary meeting or communication, discussion and needs evaluation, proposal submission and acceptance, financial aspects, and program finalization. This ideally requires at least 3-4 weeks prior notice.
Pro bono lectures and 2 hour mini workshops can be negotiated for NGO s and Social organizations. 

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First & Only Lady Neurophysician Cum Neuro Surgeon In India

Dr. Prithika Chary
MBBS,MD,DM (Neuro), Ph.D (Neuro),MCh (Neurosurgery),MNAMS (Neurology)

General Audience

  • The power of positive habits
  • The human brain – a user’s manual
  • Gender differences and the brain
    (emphasis on gender diversity)
  • The Childs brain ( 0-5 years )
  • The Adolescent brain ( 10-20 years )
  • The Ageing brain
  • Stress Fitness
  • Worklife balance
  • Power thinking

For students

  • The Learning brain
  • The ultimate intelligence
  • Presentation skills
  • Soft skills for job readiness
  • The Enriched classroom

For Medical & Paramedical Audiences

  • Work life balance
  • Stress fitness
  • Presentation skills
  • Ethics in Medicine
  • SQ in Medicine
  • Professionalism in Medicine
  • Communication skills
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