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Understanding the teen brain

Walk of Hope 2015-16 Flag off- Felicitation by Dr Prithika Chary

TedX Talks

Dr.Prithika Chary Senior Consultant Neurologist on Frugal Remedies for India TedX Vellammal

The Necessity of inventing Innovations: Dr.Prithika Chary at TEDxSairam

OYE Talk - Lessons From Life

Neurorehabilitation Dr Prithika Chary

How can you prevent a seizure

Dr Prithika Chary - The Hindu Excellence in Healthcare award March 2019

A talk on Parkinson's Disease Ageing Brain Series Part 03

IMPA Woman of Substance

Testimonial of parents of persons with epilepsy

Dr Prithika Chary​

Dr Prithika Chary