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EPICENTTRE (Epilepsy Institute and Centre for Treatment, Training, Research & Education)



To enable people with epilepsy live a full life with everyone, like everyone in spite of epilepsy.


To maximize quality of life with counselling and empowering patients with epilepsy,  together with availing all forms of dietary, medical and surgical treatment of epilepsy to establish seizure control and enable education, marriage, childbirth and a near normal life for people with epilepsy

Dr.Prithika Chary, MBBS,MD,DM (Neuro), Ph.D (Neuro),MCh (Neurosurgery) is a qualified Neurologist and Neurosurgeon and is the Founder Director of EPICENTTRE  since 1994 to date.

She completed medical school at the Government Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai in 1971 and then went on to qualify for the MD,DM,Ph.D and MCh from the Government Madras Medical College, Chennai. She is practicing medicine from 1974, neurology from 1978 and neurosurgery as well from 1990 in the city of Chennai. She has vast experience in managing patients with various neurological disorders. Her interest and specialization is in Brain disorders like migraine, stroke, epilepsy, dementia, degenerative disorders of the brain like parkinsonism, etc and Neurorehabilitation. 

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We are providers of comprehensive care for people with epilepsy. We have extensive experience in the care of all types of epilepsy, its investigation, diagnosis and treatment, both medical and surgical. 

Our track record of successful outcome in a large number of patients with epilepsy from 1994 is our testimonial of good practices. 

We have trained medical and paramedical professionals both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and conducted clinical research, including drug trials of antiepileptic drugs and presentation of clinical material in conferences.

Our education activities have a special focus on imparting knowledge about epilepsy to primary physicians and public to eliminate improper management and stigmatization and marginalization due to inadequate understanding of the disorder. 

Advocacy and support activities for people with epilepsy including free services for the underprivileged are part of our activities.

One of the important thrusts of EPICENTTRE today is to improve epilepsy awareness to remove stigma, discrimination and marginalisation.

We service individuals with:

  • First seizures
  • Single seizures
  • Febrile seizures
  • Epilepsy in all ages
  • Multiple neurological disorders with seizures
  • Chronic, uncontrolled epilepsy
  • Seizures secondary to stroke, brain tumour, birth injury, head injury and other causes
  • Seizures associated with serious illness


  • Conducting workshops and training programs in epileptology, neurophysiology for medical students, postgraduates, technologists and primary physicians
  • Doing PRO BONO detection &/or diagnostic epilepsy camps for NGOs ( EPIHELP )
  • Advisory services to corporates on employability issues and workplace accommodation for people with epilepsy ( EPIPET )
  • Advocacy initiatives for support of people with epilepsy ( Support group ABHAYA )
  • Accepting neurology specialists as trainees to learn epileptology


To schedule appointments call +91 9840992310 or send an email to

First & Only Lady Neurophysician Cum Neuro Surgeon In India

Dr. Prithika Chary
MBBS,MD,DM (Neuro), Ph.D (Neuro),MCh (Neurosurgery),MNAMS (Neurology)
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