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Life is complex and cannot be mastered in a day. The power of living well lies in mastering one day at a time. Master your

Beating Burnout by Dr Prithika Chary

Burnout is the state of emotional, physical and mental exhaustion caused as a result of excessive stress. Constant stress makes a person feel helpless, disillusioned

10 Ways To Retrain Your Brain

Do you know your brain is the main organ in your body that coordinates all your bodily functions? How often do you spend time thinking

Tips & Tools For Better Brain Health

Complex! Tricky! Astonishing! Our brain is one of the most marvellous and most complicated structures ever.  It creates wonders if you can use it efficiently. 

Health is Wealth

‘Health is wealth,’ probably every one of us has heard this world-famous proverb many times concerning our health. This brings a lot of meaning to

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