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A healthy mind in a healthy body- 10 areas of your life to think about


Karma is an ancient Sanskrit word that means causation, cause, and effect, conditioning, or action and reaction.

The Law of Karma teaches us that we create virtue or evil and that we can and do direct our own lives and outcomes – consciously or unconsciously or as is usually the case, semiconsciously

Karma, in other words, is not mere luck

One’s Karma is not somehow fated, scripted, or predestined; that we have a fixed future, or that we should feel helpless in the face of karma, somehow imprisoned or victimized by it.

So what is going to be your Karma?

There are no ideal situations in life. There will never be. Though we cannot always choose our circumstances, we can choose our attitude. We can choose how we deal with circumstances happening to us.

Life is like riding a roller coaster, there are ups and downs, twists, and turns. It scares us, it nauseates us, yet we enjoy the ride for the thrill. Life has to be lived the same way.

We should learn to use circumstances as tools. Like tools they are neutral. They can be used either for us or against us. A knife can be used to heal or hurt. It is not the tool itself but the way the tool is used which determines its benefits or the harm it can do. It is the same with life’s situations also.

People and incidents can throw garbage at our feet, or in our faces, but we have the personal power to start each day by taking the garbage out.

We need to move from, “ I think I can” to “I know I can” and to “ I did it !”

“You can have anything that you really want, but you cannot have everything you want”



The first step is to develop a positive attitude.

Positivity about others means not judging others and realizing like it takes many colors to make a rainbow, it takes many colors, cultures, habits, etc to make people.

Everything is a matter of perception.

Solomen pointing to the head said: This is everything.

Jesus points to the heart said: This is everything.

Marx pointing to the belly said: This is everything.

Freud pointing to the genitalia said: This is everything.

Einstein pointing from bottom to top, and then from top to bottom said everything is relative!



Why do insults thrown at us stick in our brains, sometimes for decades?

This is due to the brain’s negativity bias – the brain is simply built with greater sensitivity to unpleasant information. The bias is so automatic that it can be detected at the earliest stage of the brain’s information processing. This capacity to weigh negative input more readily evolved for a good reason – to protect us.

From the beginning of creation, our survival depended on our skill at avoiding danger. The brain developed systems that would make it impossible for us not to notice danger and hopefully respond to it.

There is something known as POSITIVE NEGATIVITY. This is an attitude of mind that sees failure as success. You are a problem solver, a fixer. Your ability to look on the dark side to envisage problems and exceptions and difficulties and objections is the key to your strength: it is your ability to prevent and minimize the impact of what you foresee.

This is an awesome mindset to have and help one face any kind of challenge in life. Here the pessimism and negative thinking are actually positive psychology, as it leads to better performance and personal growth.

So be your best, at any age.

“ Don’t compromise yourself, you are all you have got “  Janis Joplin



  • Love yourself

Love yourself because if you don’t, no one else will. Also if you do not know how to love even yourself you are unlikely to be able to love anyone else. Self-love is not selfish, it is nurturing, cherishing, and taking care of every part of you so you are able to be your highest, truest version of yourself and are able to contribute your unique talents to the world around you.

  • Visualize success

Picture what you will have or be able to do once you reach your goal or solve your problem. Keep this picture in mind whenever you encounter a setback or feel negative or concerned about the success.

  •  Control your inner voice

The mind can play havoc if you allow it. If you say to yourself that you cannot do something, then you are setting yourself up for failure. Counteract negative thoughts and beliefs. Counter “ I can’t do this “ with “ I can and will do this with a little more practice “.

  • Reward a job well done

When you know you have done your best, reward yourself. But be sparing with rewards, and save them for when you really deserve them. A reward acts as a positive reinforcement for a job well done. Celebrate small victories to stay motivated to maintain momentum.

  •  Spread your positivity and give it to others as well

Be a positive listener and speaker.

Being a positive listener and speaker may help you think more positively about your own challenges. If people around you are negative offer positive reinforcements and suggestions after being a good listener. If the people around you continue to be negative it is best you avoid them.

You can really turn your life around by doing these simple mindset changes.



  • Think about You as a person.

What do you like about yourself?

What don’t you like about yourself?

How can you change it?

If you are not sure what needs to be changed, take a look at what you try to keep hidden from others. This is something you are ashamed about or embarrassed about or not confident about.

  •  Think about your thinking

Your unconscious programming takes orders from the programming you give it.

Do you limit yourself?

Do you talk negatively to yourself?

Find all the reasons why you don’t do things that serve you.

Become self-aware so that you catch your negative self messages and refuse them. Then turn them around and make them into positives.

  •  Think about your attitude

This is often an outward manifestation of our thinking. It is what others see. Would you want to be on the receiving end of what you offer to the rest of the world? If not, why should other people? Perhaps, instead of waiting for the world to change, you could try making the first move and change yourself.

  •  Think about your associates

Who do you spend your time with?

Are the people you are proud to know?

Do you justify your choice of friends by praising how nonjudgemental they are, when actually they have no standards?

Are they people you would be glad to see your family or your work associates spend time with?

If not, what are you getting our of these relationships?

Is it time for a change?

  •  Think about your spare time

How do you spend it?

Does it enrich you or numb you?

Do you use it to contribute or to consume?

When did you last do something just because doing it made you feel joyous, proud, excited, and just plain GOOD?

  •  Think about your work/study

Are you proud of what you do?

Do you enjoy it?

Or do you dread going to work or school and spend the weekdays counting the time to the next weekend?

  •  Think about your surroundings

Do your surroundings make you smile when you walk into a room?

Do they reflect how good you feel about yourself?

Are you surrounded by piles and stacks of stuff just waiting to be sorted, folded or put away?

How much energy does just thinking about this stuff take out of you every day?

  •  Think about your eating habits

Do you use food to contribute to your health and wellness or to numb yourself?

Have you tried keeping a food diary for just one week?

Anyone who reads, or watches TV has to know by now what is good and bad for us. Yet how can we disrespect ourselves by not making good use of that knowledge?

  •  Think about exercise

Do you put more effort into maintaining your care or other transportation than into maintaining your body?

Your body is the machine that has to carry and transport you throughout your life

The choices today for methods to keep fit are innumerable that there is something that will be right for each one. If not just starting using the stairs instead of the lift.

  •  Think about consumption

In everything you do, remember the fragility of the earth, and the limited resources of what we consume – are we doing the best we can for what our grandchildren will inherit? Or are we selfishly choosing to make our own temporary convenience more important than the quality of future lives?


A healthy mindset will ensure a healthy body because you will make the right choices in all the domains discussed above.

But “ Goal setting ” does not equate with “Goal getting”. One has to take action, the first of which is to think about various aspects of our lives and decide where we need to change. Then we have to plan the journey and ensure the steps we take are effective, constructive, respectful to all concerned, resulting in self-improvement and contribution to others.

The difference between great success and mediocrity is so often a matter of the small things …. Just a little extra here… a little more there

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change – Charles Darwin

Change is natural and to adapt to change takes effort, not luck. The more you sweat the luckier you get. We have to set our own level of personal excellence which is the total of personal accountability, personal integrity, and personal quality assurance.

When you accomplish your goals it affirms you as you, supports your self-worth, empowers you, helps recovery, and gets things done for you.

So go out there and choose what you want to be never forgetting that everyone also has dreams and is going after them. So live and let live!

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