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Epilepsy - The Poem

My head is dizzy, I am in a tizzy
Unsteady my walk, confused my talk,
Falling, falling into this abyss I sink
Out like a light before you can blink
What happened to me I do not know
This pain in my head, it seems to grow
A cut in my tongue is there to show
Something did happen – oh where can I go?
My limbs they jerked and I had a turn
A fit it was in alarm I learn
A week goes by, my tongue heals
Back to my life I go, but fate steals
My life once more, knocking me over
And over again
Making people around me hover
What is this curse whose cause is unknown
My control is gone and I am all alone
Like a leaf in the wind I am blown
Is there any hope for me, I moan
Step out into the light and know more
We are there to bring you ashore
Trust us for we really do care
Your pain and strain and burden to share
Hiding was I behind a cloak of fear
Not knowing I had friends from far & near
Proactive I was & my treatment worked
Looking full in the face at those who smirked
So “Out of the shadows” I emerged
Instead of being in sadness submerged------
Poem composed by Dr.Prithika Chary