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Creative Karma is the brainchild of Dr.Prithika Chary to make people lead better and happier lives, making the most they have been given using them to their maximum potential. Also through Creative Karma Dr. Prithika Chary uses her knowledge of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP Master Practitioner), Image Consulting ( qualified by Image Consulting Business Institute (ICBI), India), Training skills ( City & Guilds of London certified trainer and ICBI trainer (NABET & Scottish Qualifications accredited ) and Soft Skills ( ICBI certified) to enable a person to be their best in every sphere of their lives.

She is deeply in touch with her inner child  and practices everyday spirituality being kind, generous, compassionate and sharing her talents with everyone. She believes a person or place must be better if she has passed through or been there and tries to enable, empower and elevate those around her. The worst tragedy is not facing death but failing to live life to the fullest.

The overwhelming philosophy behind Creative Karma is Karma Yoga – the yoga of action in a spirit of the divine with full effort and oblivious to the fruits of action. Performing all we are destined to do in a spiritual way, with all our effort, with joy and service without expectations is Karma yoga.

This enables us to lead lives useful to ourselves and to others, improves our sense of community and is win win. When we lead a life of awareness and good intention with full involvement in what we do with joy and love, life becomes meaningful and pleasant and even when things go wrong, our ability to view it as a necessary element to enhance our growth and resources to work it out appear. Reaching this state of quiet effective elegant equanimity is possible and can be learned with proper understanding and guidance.

Do you want this in life ?
Clarity of your purpose, live your deepest passion, Know your sense of identity and be influenced by your core values

Dr.Prithika Chary has given over 500 such talks and is lauded for her clear speech, simple presentation of complicated facts, and impactful transformation. She is much sought after for her wisdom, compassion, and belief that life is meant to be lived and enjoyed and not endured.
She has been an invited speaker to IT companies, banks, corporates, government institutions, IIMs, management associations, women’s associations, Dyslexia association, Spastic societies, private high profile schools and colleges. She has been a TED speaker thrice in Chennai on IQ,EQ,SQ/Simple solutions for better healthcare/The making of EPICENTTRE
Herstress management workshops for border security force, senior armed forces officers, coast guard, senior bank officials and IT professionals and the general public including homemakers, students and everyday people are a great hit. She does workshops on gender diversity and inclusion (Gender and the brain), on relationships ( The Chemistry of love), on coping and resilience ( Stress Fitness ), graceful aging ( The aging brain), on growth and development of children with special focus on teenagers ( The Child’s brain 0-5 years and 11-25 years), wellness and balanced living ( IQ,EQ,SQ – the ultimate intelligence, Life is waiting – where are you?, Power thinking,etc), soft skills, and personal branding are extremely popular and in great demand.


She makes the brain and its functions more user friendly to the lay person and professionals in allied fields, like psychologists, physiotherapists, nurses, special educators, teachers etcThrough lectures, seminars, workshops and training programs the brain and its functions and how to nurture, cherish and improve the potential of the brain is highlighted in simple, understandable language without too much jargon.
In the brain potential enhancement sessions you will learn :
How the brain develops from the birth and childhood through adolescence and adulthood
How we learn, remember, love, bond, create and imagine
How to feed and nurture your brain
How the brain ages and what you can do to care for the brain
How the brain regulates breathing and blood flow 
And much more to enable you to love yourself and live a life of peak performance
Acquire and practice the formulae of success
Passion, Belief, Strategy, Clarity of Values, Energy, Bonding Power, Mastery of Communication
Brain Potential Enhancement – in 12 one hour modules
Evolution of the brain, basic brain anatomy , brain mechanisms, neurotransmitters, brain plasticity, memory and the brain, gender and the brain, right and left brain functions, neurobiology of bonding, neurobiology of being good, Lifestyle and brain health, Pulling all the information together – a users guide
Shorter duration workshops with selected topics or lecture sessions can also be tailored for specific needs  eg The Childs Brain 0-5 years as a half day workshop for primary school teachers, et

Degrees and credentials are important, but the development of soft skills—skills that are more social than technical—are a crucial part of fostering efficiency in everyday life no matter what role we play and are always in high demand. Soft skills include communication skills, research skills, interpersonal skills, adaptability, project management skills, problem solving skills,strong work ethic, process improvement skills, emotional intelligence, teamwork and collaboration, critical observation, conflict resolution and much more. We cannot all be good at all this but we can acquire the skills we need to suit our roles in life.Literacy has little to do with soft skills and some of the best experts in soft skills are high school educated home makers.!
Soft Skills training – as one/two day workshops or 2 hour session
Interview skills, Body language, Communication skills, Selling skills, Conflict to Collaboration,Emotional Intelligence, Negotiation skills, People skills, Team building and motivation, Leadership, High performance facilitating, Goal setting, Balance between IQ,EQ,SQ = Social quotient
Succeeding in a career requires expertise in the field, soft skills and leadership qualities and ways of projecting oneself and conveying ones ideas in an impactful way without being overwhelming or aggressive. All jobs require the ability to speak clearly and relevantly, make presentations, submit projects, to lead a team and enable collaboration with no conflict.
CorporateTraining –  one/two day workshops or 2 hour sessions
Tailored to suit the needs of the organization after discussion
An image consultant helps their client alter, change, or restore their image. Another word for image is self presentation. One’s image is a resource, a tool that can help one to achieve one’s goals. Elements of image are visual such as dress, grooming and nonverbal as body language, and etiquette. Verbal elements like communication and also soft skills form the complete image. Image management is a life skill as it is the impact of one’s image on ourselves and others as we go through life. Image consultants give advice on your appearance and how to dress and groom yourself highlighting your good aspects,camaflouging your bad aspects and being appropriate,authentic and attractive displaying your unique personal style. They also teach ways to improve your communication and soft skills and etiquette.Overall their goal is to make you or, your organization look more appealing to the public to excel in your expertise. Body image is part of self image and a good outer image can influence the inner image and vice versa.

Why hire an image consultant?
Appearance is important in any kind of work. Companies want people who can make their business look good by looking neat, organized and professional, so they may hire one to make their business look good to the public. Anyone may hire a consultant to help them gain success and popularity in their social environment. Some people don't really know what looks good on them. An image consultant can advise based on detailed face, body, color evaluations what is suitable. Others look to image consultants to help them with their communication skills (for those who can't talk in front of a crowd).
The way you look and carry yourself affects the way you think, feel, act and behave and the way others react and respond to you
Image consulting – one on one consultations, group sessions for 10-30 participants, two hour sessions, one/two day workshops, retainer services over a longer period, etc are possible
Imagescope, Look the part, Style your shape, shape your style, Wear your colour, Discover your individuality through personal style, Wardrobe evaluation and Clustering, Dining etiquette, Personal shopping services, Makeup,face shape evaluatin and personal grooming, Personalized makeup shopping, One on one comprehensive package, One on one brief consulting package.

Several workshops from public speaking to negotiations etc are also possible.

All the above under Brain Potential Enhancement, Soft Skills, Corporate Training, Image consulting involve a preliminary meeting or communication, discussion and needs evaluation, proposal submission and acceptance, financial aspects, and program finalization.  This ideally requires at least 3-4 weeks prior notice.
Pro bono lectures and 2 hour mini workshops can be negotiated for NGO s and Social organizations