Succeeding in a career requires expertise in the field, soft skills and leadership qualities and ways of projecting oneself and conveying ones ideas in an impactful way without being overwhelming or aggressive.All jobs require the ability to speak clearly and relevantly, make presentations, submit projects, to lead a team and enable collaboration with no conflict.

CorporateTraining – one / two day workshops or 2 hour sessions

  • Tailored to suit the needs of the organization after discussion.


  • All the above under Brain Potential Enhancement, Soft Skills, Corporate Training, Image consulting involve a preliminary meeting or communication, discussion and needs evaluation, proposal submission and acceptance, financial aspects, and program finalization. This ideally requires at least 3-4 weeks prior notice.
    Pro bono lectures and 2 hour mini workshops can be negotiated for NGO s and Social organizations. For Further information Contact us @ 8754545353.