She makes the brain and its functions more user friendly to the lay person and professionals in allied fields, like psychologists, physiotherapists, nurses, special educators, teachers etc., through lectures, seminars, workshops and training programs the brain and its functions and how to nurture, cherish and improve the potential of the brain is highlighted in simple, understandable language without too much jargon.

In the brain potential enhancement sessions you will learn:

  • How the brain develops from the birth and childhood through adolescence and adulthood.
  • How we learn, remember, love, bond, create and imagine.
  • How to feed and nurture your brain.
  • How the brain ages and what you can do to care for the brain.
  • How the brain regulates breathing and blood flow and much more to enable you to love yourself and live a life of peak performance acquire and practice the formulae of success Passion, Belief, Strategy, Clarity of Values, Energy, Bonding Power, Mastery of Communication .

Brain Potential Enhancement – in 12 one hour modules:

Evolution of the brain, basic brain anatomy, brain mechanisms, neurotransmitters, brain plasticity, memory and the brain, gender and the brain, right and left brain functions, neurobiology of bonding, neurobiology of being good, Lifestyle and brain health, Pulling all the information together – a users guide.

Shorter duration workshops with selected topics or lecture sessions can also be tailored for specific needs;
For example, The Childs Brain 0-5 years as a half day workshop for primary school teachers, The adolescent Brain for secondary school teachers, etc.


  • All the above under Brain Potential Enhancement, Soft Skills, Corporate Training, Image consulting involve a preliminary meeting or communication, discussion and needs evaluation, proposal submission and acceptance, financial aspects, and program finalization. This ideally requires at least 3-4 weeks prior notice.
    Pro bono lectures and 2 hour mini workshops can be negotiated for NGO s and Social organizations. For Further information Contact us @ 8754545353.